Zëyus Media pricing is fully transparent. Projects will typically require camera operation + camera + editing (which ordinarily takes twice the time spent filming). The standard minimum on a filming project is £300, but please get in touch for a free, no-obligation, custom quote.


Production Fee


Assessment of location, administration of documentation, transport, setup/breakdown
Creative Proposal


Full creative proposal including concept development through to production design
Story Board


Custom hand drawn story board


Camera Operation

£300/day - £50/hr

Filming by a camera operator
Sound Recording


Setup and recording of a single audio session
Aerial Filming


The filming of aerial footage by a drone pilot


Sony A7 4K Mirrorless Camera


4K camera with superior low light and focus performance
Sony ZV1 4K Compact Camera


4K compact camera with built in 24-70 zoom
Insta360 Go 2 4K Action Camera


Thumb sized, water proof, 4K action camera
DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone


4K drone with automated flight functions


Zoom H8 Recorder


8 multi-track field recorder with jack, mini-jack and XLR inputs plus a stereo pair mic capsule
Røde Wireless Pro + Lav Mic Pair


Pair of wireless mic packs featuring on-board 32-bit float back-up recording of 40 hours + lavalier mics in white and black
Røde VideoMic


Directional shotgun mic


Neewer 2 Bi-color 660 LED + Colour Gels


LED light panel with barn doors and variable light temperature control
Neweer Softbox


60x60cm softbox
Neewer Magnetic RGB Video Light


Portable, magnetic RGB video light with programmed effects


Green Screen


6ft x 9ft green screen. Price includes set up + 2 x softboxes for screen illumination
Kodak Luma 350 Projector


4K mini video projector
Lensgo Smoke B Fog Machine


Hand-held, fog machine, designed to enable a variety of fog effects, from a cinematic fine mist, to strong jets of fog and dry ice simulation


Tripods & Video Heads


6ft heavy duty tripods with video head and adjustable to 90º angle
Neewer Free Slider


Free hand camera slider
Rhino ROV Pro Motorised Slider


Motorised camera slider
DJI RS2 Gimbal


Motorised camera stabiliser for ultra smooth footage and movement effects
Raven Eye


Automated tracking and wireless video transmission system
Shoulder Rig


Custom built shoulder rig for maximum speed and mobility
Atomos Ninja V


5.2" video monitor that records ProRes HDR video directly from the camera sensor in 4Kp60 with up to 10bit color depth

Post Production

Full AV Post Production


Includes editing, colour grading and audio post production


Standard and multi-camera editing
Colour Grading


HDR colour grading
Music Sourcing & Editing


Sourcing music from the Soundstripe library plus editing of licensed music
Sound Editing & Mixing


Sound editing, mix and industry standard noise reduction

Media Management

YouTube Management


Management of upload, meta data and thumbnails
Still Images


Capture and processing of stills from video footage
DVD/BluRay Production (Initial 10 Discs)


Production of DVD/BluRays including custom case and disc art. Cost per unit decreases on volume
2TB HDD Media Storage


Storage of 2TB of media assets and edit files on an exclusive drive for a minimum of 5 years negating subsequent media retrieval costs